What is La Vida?

La Vida means life.

Everybody has their own unique personal view of what life means to them.

For us we believe that life is for loving and food is love. 

Sharing food with loved ones is one of the best kinds of memories. 

We choose to live life this way.

La Vida was created because of our passion for all things Spanish and the great continent of Latin America. Both regions have some common themes unique food, wines, lifestyle, music and most importantly the people and their love and passion for Life. All our dishes are linked to the seasons and  inspired by what’s grown around us locally. Our menu will change daily based on the availability of produce, please let us know any special requests.

We have been fortunate to have traveled extensively and love sharing food, wine, and good company.During our (hopefully never-ending) gap year from our stressful corporate jobs in London and Dublin, we back-packed all across Latin America and the vision of La Vida was born. Having moved to Malta and constantly experimenting to cook our favourites all the time, we also traveled over and back to different regions of Spain and returned to South America to increase our knowledge. Rest assured, however, that they will always taste better in good company and, why not, with a good glass of wine.

Our aim is to reflect this vibrancy and diversity; to convey the taste sensations, flavors of spices, culture, fragrances, and styles of our menu, and the warm Latino welcome you will receive at La Vida.

We welcome you to take a culinary journey through Latin American and Spain!